Branding Bootcamp

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Branding Bootcamp


Branding bootcamp is so much fun! It’s for those of you that haven’t started on the execution process or beginning steps of your brand, personal brand, business, or blog. We start slow and easy and ease into the bigger steps of creating. We get to the specifics of what you want and where you want to be, your goals, and the steps to get there. We talk about creating relevant content, marketing that content and targeting your audience and viewers. We start the process of actually developing your platform and begin creating content. Mini sessions on photography, tips and tricks on taking photos and using your phone to it’s fullest potential. By the end of the three weeks you will have an up and running website or blog, ready for launch!

2h/sessions, 3 weeks
-Beginning stages, ideas & brainstorming
-Your goals
-Domain names, web/blog platforms, IT support
-Your personal branding
-Content & Categorizing
-Creating posts & writing
-Growing a following
-Tips & Tricks
-Targeting your audience, viewers & readers

Email to schedule a time and place to get started! x

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