Art Battle 390

A little while ago I participated in my 3rd Art Battle. Art Battle is a live painting competition founded in Canada. It was founded by two young guys that had a great idea and made it a reality. Art Battle started 7 years ago and is now holding competitions not only in Canada, but worldwide. It consists of 12 artists total. Each artist is provided with one canvas, acrylic paint and twenty minutes. The artists bring their own tools and brushes. No reference photos or materials are allowed. Once the countdown begins, the pressure is on. You then have only 20 minutes to create something awesome. When the time is up, the audience votes for their favorite. Only 4 move on to the final round. The 4 winners then face off in another round of 20 minutes. The crowd votes again and then there is one winner that moves along to regionals, then provincials, etc.

After the battles, the art works are auctioned off. Each artist gets 50% of what their painting sells for. The other half goes towards growing Art Battle! This past time I couldn't even help myself and bought one of the paintings of my competitors, Nat Perry! It was soo gorgeous and I knew I couldn't leave the building without it. This one was in Fredericton at the Charlotte Street Centre, one of my favorite spots in Freddy beach!

It's such a fun idea and I am thrilled to get invited back each time. All three times I have made it to the finalist round but haven't been able to pull through yet ;) Lucky for me, I have been invited to battle in regionals next Saturday. I will be competing as an all-star and it will be held in Saint John! Come out and see it live. It's such a fun event and so exciting. -Also, there's liquor! It's such a great idea and awesome to have here in New Brunswick, so come out and support your local artists!! We need you!!

See the official invite here

See you June 11th!!!




Time to draw a couple winners for my latest Facebook & Instagram giveaway!
I love doing these giveaways, it's pretty cool to be able to make people happy by 
just my artwork. It's cool to see the shares and comments go viral, I'm like me? 
You guys like my work enough for there to be 166 IG comments on my photo?! 
The reaction from you guys always makes it worth while. 
That's unreal, thank you guys. 

The IG winner of the watercolor elephant is @roycastro94

The winner of the Facebook contest of the watercolor world map is Brittany Steeves

Thanks SO much for participating, you guys really do make me want
to keep going and keep sharing, 
you rock <3 

Stay tuned for the next giveaway!

Have a great week!


DIY Canvas Stretching

 I don't know how many of you are painters or have any interest what so ever about 
stretching your own canvas, but, it's too good, I had to share. 
I've been living my life within the guidelines of Michael's 50% off sales for too many years,
 and finally, I've had enough. It's time to take painting into my own hands. I wanted to be able 
to paint as big as I want, as much as I want, without the restrictions of ONE 40% off coupon 
on one regular priced item, every time I go to my local craft store. 
Enough is enough people. Here is how it's done. The following is how to make canvases
 as big as you want, for minimal prices. 

Step 1: is a little harder then shown in photos ...
But, I went to Kent, told the employee what I needed, (some kind of wood?!?) to build 
canvas on, and he guided through the next couple steps of buying wood: What we went with,
was 1"x2" pine, long and strong enough to be the structure. 

Step 2: Convince someone to build the frames. Jokes aside, I thought this would be easier 
then it probably was. I bought the wood, asked my dad who has a garage full of tools to 
check youtube and build me one of the these things. 

Took a few months, but then I was surprised with a Christmas gift of two built wooden
 canvas frames. Thanks dad! xox 
They weren't "hard" to do, but took several days for glue to dry, etc. 

So I'm here to tell you about the fun part; actually stretching it yourself. 

So easy, even I could do it. Which says something.

You will need: 

-Canvas frame
-Canvas (can be purchased at Fabricville for $10.99/meter)
-Staple gun
-Staples, duh
-Stretcher (Amazon)

Step 3: 

Lay the canvas as flat as possible underneath the frame as centred and even as you can.

Make sure to leave at least 5 inches at the edge of the canvas to fold over.

Step 4:
Use to stretcher to grab the canvas and pull it as tight as possible over the wood.

Step 5:
Hold it tight and use the staple gun to secure it into place.

If you're a little off, like myself, use a hammer to nail it straighter into place.

Step 6:
Start in the center if each of the four sides, then make your way around each side,
equally, so each side is pulled tight gradually. 

FYI: Staples don't need to be straight .........

After about 45 minutes, depending on how big your canvas is, make your way
around the frame, and you're finished!

Make sure to fold the corners neatly and tuck them in and staple them
as tight as you can into place.

And, voiloi! Your canvas is stretched!!

After it's stretched throw a coat or two of gesso on there,
(sounds easy but also takes about a half hour) and let it dry over night. 

Next day, you have a giant, primed, ready to paint on canvas! 

I hope this helped! 
Any tips on doing it yourself to make it even easier then this, leave a comment below! 
Would love to hear from you!


Saturday night tea time

Hi guys xx I'm feeling pretty distant from everything I am normally familiar with right now and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I haven't been home since Christmas break, or that I've never been so overwhelmed with school or maybe that some of my closest friends now live across the world... It's weird but it's growing up! It's teaching me a lot about time management and prioritizing. Hence I'm home taking a break from working on 11pm on a Saturday night... "No rest for the wicked"
ok sorry that was lame.

These past couple weeks I've been taking on 7, 3 hour classes, 4 days a week. If that's not exhausting add, applying to NSCAD University, scholarship letters, recommendation letters, portfolio rebuilding, new website and working my butt off to earn a Career Development "Artists in Residence" grant to travel this summer and work on my art & career.
Applying to places in NYC & Los Angeles seems pretty out of reach, feels insane when I'm writing those emails, but weirdly enough I had the same feeling when applying to agencies in Montreal last year at this time, and I found myself living there shortly after!

SO here's what a little break looks like on a quiet Saturday night with me, between google search, gmail, Photoshop, research and split screened to the 3rd season of Gossip girl. Haha it's Saturday nights like these I hope makes the difference in the future.


I remade my website as well! check it out

Oh, and this happened??