Saturday night tea time

Hi guys xx I'm feeling pretty distant from everything I am normally familiar with right now and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I haven't been home since Christmas break, or that I've never been so overwhelmed with school or maybe that some of my closest friends now live across the world... It's weird but it's growing up! It's teaching me a lot about time management and prioritizing. Hence I'm home taking a break from working on 11pm on a Saturday night... "No rest for the wicked"
ok sorry that was lame.

These past couple weeks I've been taking on 7, 3 hour classes, 4 days a week. If that's not exhausting add, applying to NSCAD University, scholarship letters, recommendation letters, portfolio rebuilding, new website and working my butt off to earn a Career Development "Artists in Residence" grant to travel this summer and work on my art & career.
Applying to places in NYC & Los Angeles seems pretty out of reach, feels insane when I'm writing those emails, but weirdly enough I had the same feeling when applying to agencies in Montreal last year at this time, and I found myself living there shortly after!

SO here's what a little break looks like on a quiet Saturday night with me, between google search, gmail, Photoshop, research and split screened to the 3rd season of Gossip girl. Haha it's Saturday nights like these I hope makes the difference in the future.


I remade my website as well! check it out

Oh, and this happened??