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It's my favourite day again ;) Happy Sunday people!!! 
I'm all cozy in a blanket watching a highly recommended series on Netflix called Stranger Things. Has anyone watched it? We're still early on, it's good, but scary!!! 
I just got home from Montreal last night and had spent the best week there. I love that city and considering a move back there .... hmmm 

Before I left for my trip, my girl Taylor Simmonds in Fredericton hooked me up with some eyelash extensions. I am by no means a beauty blogger, I barely brush my hair. But- I need to share this experience with you. I am someone with nice eyelashes naturally. For years, people have been asking me if my lashes were real, they always were, but with the help of a lot of mascara. My lashes are naturally blonde so I allllwaayyyyssss wear mascara. My friends highly recommended eyelash extensions to try out. So I did it.

I arrived with no makeup on and over the hour, Taylor carefully glued and placed tiny little mink hairs onto my natural lashes. It did not hurt at all, and was actually pretty relaxing. I looked in the mirror and was so happy with how they looked. It looked like I had naturally long black lashes without caked on mascara that you're constantly picking at and flaking all over your face. 

I've had them on for over a week now and they still look absolutely perfect. In Montreal, I had strangers complementing me on my eyes and I was so surprised. The whole week, I only wore foundation and blush on my face. It was really refreshing. I didn't feel made up, but I still felt pretty.
This week I'm going to try to only wear bb cream. See how much I can cut back ;) This is so exciting!!!!

Any who! I totally recommend trying this out. It was really nice to have on my trip and I will definitely be keeping up with them and especially for my trip to Costa Rica.

If you're in Fredericton or Saint John, I highly recommend Taylor Simmonds as your lash gal. She's so gentle and sweet about the whole process. And didn't even want to kill me after I asked two hundred questions before we started <3 <3

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Photos by Nick Fitzpatrick
Hat from LORDON 

My top 5 blogs

Okay, this isn't easy. And I still feel uncertain about my choices, but my decisions have been made. Here are my top five most visited blogs. They range from art, fashion, poetry & beauty. I would assume most people frequently visit the same type of blog, but I have a wide range of interests, so I kept it honest!

1. Barefoot Blonde

My top visited blog is Amber Fillerup's, Barefoot Blonde. I met Amber in New York and was a fan of her for years. Meeting her at fashion week made me an even bigger fan because she was SO sweet. Her baby Atticus was also with her. Anyways, I found Amber Fillerup originally on YouTube because of her hair tutorials (she does killer braids). Through her blog I've watched her get engaged, married and have two kids! (stalker status) But really, her story is sweet and her pictures are gorgeous. A lot of her posts are paid or sponsored, but she still manages to keep a lot of real talk in there too. She makes having babies look easy!!!


This is a minimalist fashion blog. Honestly, she is so minimalist that I don't even know her name. There isn't a voice to her blog, strictly facts. Which works in this case, as I am only interested really in the pieces she's wearing. Her photography is killer and her outfits are soooo good. It's a perfect blog to check when you're getting ready in the morning wondering if you really can wear converse with a dress. (you can!)

3. Andrew Wilson

I love love love being on Andrew Wilson's blog. It's one of my sources of inspiration and has been for years. The mixture of the raw life he's living in New York, to the smoking and poetry. It just gets me. It's so relaxing to scroll through and his words are really relatable. It's also cool to see someone grow over years through their words & photography. Check this one out and I guarantee you'll get lost in it and wish you were wandering the streets at night in NY.

4. We and the color

WATC is an art blog. It really covers all my bases in one place. It has all the latest news in photography, art, fashion, design.. everything. I love that it is always so up to date. It's a great place to explore when you're looking to kill time or gain some quick inspiration or catch up on a story you've been meaning to read. -Like Taylor Swifts new Vogue cover, you're welcome.

5. She's in the glow

She's in the glow is a beauty blog. Personally, I find it hard to keep up with beauty blogs/trends. I always find there's a way cheaper facial cream that can do the same thing! Anyways, I'm still a sucker for them. I've been following this one for a few years. Annie Atkins shows you all the new products and reviews them, as well as cleanses & makeup tricks. It's a cute blog, and good for a light read, but I wouldn't go out and buy every product. But if you're looking for something specific, check here!

I visit a lot of other blogs that deserve an honorable mention. See below!

And I was like 
Ashley Paget
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